Generate and track all your traffic in one app.

With the combination of Clicktracker and Autobot you can use out sms and email technology to help generate traffic and mange that traffic with clear analytics. If all you need is robust tracking software fear not, Clicktracker is a fully functional independent app satisfying all your tracking needs.

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Simple yet POWERFUL tools

We are ready to grind, hustle and scale with you. We stand by you and your brand.

Hands on Experience

We treat your business like it's ours, we are here to help with every aspect of setup and use of our apps. You can depend on us to bring your through the hassle of transitioning tracking software.

Human Touch

We ensure that we build your automation as if you're the one answering the messages. Tailor fit and personal, professional without spending the same effort. Getting in touch with your customers just the way you would.

No Muss, No Fuss

We don't clog up our platform with tools you won't use. ClickSpark was built by marketers for marketers with ease of use and no bloated or confusing features. We serve you with tools that matter.

We are built for every kind of team

Fully customizable digital marketing platform that's designed to manage all your digital marketing efforts

  • Real time traffic tracking with Clicktracker
  • Robust reporting and drilldowns for all the information you require
  • Our ability to help you generate traffic Autobot puts us in front of the rest of the market
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Message automation software that is fully customizable based on time, responses and contacts.

  • Campaign management
  • Excellent user tracking
  • Powerful analytics
  • Reach thousands of leads with a click of a button.
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Customer Service

We have your back 24/7, we have dedicated team members that's ready grind and hustle with you 24/7. Money never sleeps and neither do we!

Credit card processing is done by a reputable, secure third-party partner Stripe. We accept credit cards from Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

A plan upgrade becomes effective right away, allowing you to take use of all the new features. This is a postpaid system billing u at the end of the month once any overages are calculated. If you upgrade before the billing period complete, there will be no overages.

Yes, pay for only what you need with the lowest subscription and overage prices in the industry. These plans are built to tailor fit on your personal or business requirement. Whatever you need, we have it.

We set our guarantee period at 14 days since, in our experience, the most crucial decisions are made within the first two weeks of service. We will terminate your subscription as usual if you cancel on day 15 or later, but we won't reimburse you for the first month's fee. With this, you can still access your account and use the plan that you choose for one month.